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  • You seemed to burst on the Gulf Coast jazz scene a few of years ago, and, my friend, the sparks are still flying! In the best way, of course.

    MOJO Jazz (Mobile AL)
  • I do not think anyone in town is capable of doing what you and your group did.. plus so many original compositions. We feel very lucky to live here, enjoy your talent and your introduction of other talented musicians to this city's audiences.

    K. Beall
  • Gino has transformed Tuesday night at Lili Marlene’s into a must-see Jazz event!

    The Pensacola Jazz Society


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    How Fast Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: How Fast

    Composer: Gino Rosaria

    Release Date: 2015/08/14

    Genre: Jazz Fusion


    This is a song that I wrote while in LA for the first time. I felt small in a very big city with life moving so fast...


    1. Foreign Victory

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  • Gino

    Gino Rosaria

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Gino RosariaPlace Of Birth: CuraçaoOccupation: Piano, keyboards, composer, arranger

    Best Known For

    The ability to play piano, eat a sandwich, watch the game, and have a conversation at the same time.


    Founder of Groove Symphony. During his time in the US, Gino went on to win many competitions and also got a chance to appear on the local TV and radio stations. Gino also appeared several times on national TV performing solo, chamber, and with orchestra. Gino has performed with some of the best musicians around, including artists such as award winning violinist Karen Briggs, world renowned singer/songwriter/actress Nicki Richards, best Jazz clarinet player award winner Tim Laughlin, award winning flutist Kim Scott, award winning Jazz guitarist Eric Essix, and world renowned flutist Althea Rene. Today Gino focuses all his efforts on Groove Symphony!

    Jim Green Guitar

    James Green

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Jim GreenNick Name: Super ManPlace Of Birth: Pensacola FLOccupation: Jazz Guitarist

    Best Known For

    Not only is a he a striking resemblance of Clark Kent, but he's also known for his superman powers of packing up his gear and leaving within a minute after a show... He's gone!


    Jim has been part of the group from day 1. One of the most dependable individuals I have ever met. He's also one of the few guitar players I know who doesn't need to be in the spot light. He knows how to blend in just enough so when he's not there, the emptiness is felt.

    Chris Snowden

    Chris Snowden

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Chris SnowdenNick Name: Bottomless BottomPlace Of Birth: Pensacola FLOccupation: Bass Guitarist

    Best Known For

    His ability to quote the entire movie "Coming To America."


    Chris has played with some of the best artists around. Being the baby in the group, we like to put him in the spotlight. He's a monster on his axe and also sings backup and plays synth bass.

  • Rickey

    Rickey Duffy

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Rickey DuffyNick Name: DuffmeisterPlace Of Birth: Pensacola FLOccupation: Drummer

    Best Known For

    Being the best dresser in the group. He's Mr. Fashion. He's also one of the best dads in this world.


    Rickey also has his share of experience with fantastic artists. Recently he's been touring in South America. Rickey and Chris have been playing together for over 10 years. We call them the B.A.D Boyz (Bass and Drums). They are constantly in sync...definitely the backbone of Groove Symphony.


    Fernando Silva

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Fernando SilvaPlace Of Birth: BrazilOccupation: Strings

    Best Known For

    His ability to play an upright bass and a cello at the same time. Don't ask!


    Fernando is one of our main string players in the group. Although the upright bass is his main instrument, he can play any string instrument. He's one of the most expressive string players I've ever heard. When you hear him play...you must have tissue handy, because he just might make you cry!

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